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Efficient and cost effective solution to moving your goods

Overnight Courier service

Door to door collection and deliveries saves time and money for you.

We collect courier items from consignors, ship them overnight and deliver them to the consignees the following working day. Door to door collection and delivery saves time that could otherwise have been wasted in traffic jams by the senders or receivers while dispatching or picking courier items.

Packing and removals

shifting residence or office requires expertise.

Shifting residences and offices requires expertise. Our specially trained crew will be at hand to assist our customers change office or shift residence. We assure utmost care when handling customer’s items

Same day service

same day courier services to and from and within the major towns

With the fast paced business environment, business transactions today call for seamless communication. We provide same day delivery services to and from and within major towns. This improves communication and makes transactions faster and easier.

Dedicated motor transport

When it is a motorcycle, one with an experienced rider is provided

Sometimes it is economical to move items using dedicated transport as compared to individualized items. With such a need, we provide dedicated vehicles of the required capacity with the needed crew at subsidized rates.

If the need is for a rider, we would provide an experienced one with a motorcycle. Our crew is familiar with the local environment to enable them run errands with ease.

E- commerce

We Collect items purchased through internet and deliver to the buyer, to the door step

We will collect from the shop and deliver to the door step items purchased through internet buying. This safes our customers from the hustles of spending long hours in traffic.

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